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In our ongoing effort to provide you with the latest information about Resilience and the Resilience Scale, we are in the process of publishing a series of papers on Resilience. You are free to download them, but please defend our copyright on them.

Please check back regularly to get the latest news on Resilience.

Discovering Your Resilience Core (29 May 2010)

The Resilience Core is defined as Meaningful life (purpose), Perseverance, Self reliance, Equanimity, and Coming home to yourself (existential aloneness). This paper explains each of these five characteristics in some detail, and talks about how to increase the strength of your resilience core.

Wagnild GM. (2010). Discovering your resilience core. Available at:


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Will resilience help you to be more successful? (13 Sep 2011)

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (leader during WWII) said, “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” This is easier said than done. How do you maintain enthusiasm when you are exhausted, discouraged, frustrated, or completely alone? How can you do this?

Wagnild GM. (2011). Will resilience help you be more successful? Available at:


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