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A reliable and valid tool to measure resilience

The Resilience Scale™ is considered to be one of the most accurate instruments currently available to measure resilience. It is used by counselors, coaches, therapists, researchers, and educators all over the world.

The "experts" say that resilience is bouncing back in response to adversity. "Resilience is much more than just bouncing back," says Dr. Gail Wagnild, the creative force behind the Resilience Scale, who has conducted research into resilience for over 25 years. "Resilient individuals have the capacity to choose a vital and authentic life. A strong resilience core gives a person the ability to structure his or her life in a resilient way." Thus, the Resilience Scale measures a person’s capacity to live a full and rewarding life.

Our unique definition of resilience is based on verbatim statements made by people who are living proof of resilience. Research has shown that resilience is comprised of five essential characteristics, and the Resilience Scale is built on these characteristics. Thus the Resilience Scale is a tool with excellent content and face validity. Its reliability is strong, and likewise construct validity has been consistently supported.

The Resilience Scale was the first tool developed to measure resilience directly, and is used all over the world. Increasingly, organizations are using the Resilience Scale with employee assistance and wellness programs (EAPs), and there have been requests from people in many different countries for its use in military settings.

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Obtain Licenses to use the Resilience Scale and the RS-14 here.

There is a small licensing fee for the use of the Resilience Scale. More...

Measure your own resilience online.

Fill out and submit the Resilience Scale, and IMMEDIATELY you will see a short interpretation of your score, written by Dr. Wagnild, principal author of the Resilience Scale. More...

Free Papers:

Will resilience help you to be more successful?

(13 Sep 2011) British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (leader during WWII) said, “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” This is easier said than done. How do you maintain enthusiasm when you are exhausted, discouraged, frustrated, or completely alone? How can you do this?  More..

"Discovering Your Resilience Core"

(31 May 2010) This is a very popular new article on resilience by Dr. Wagnild. Not only will it change the way you look at resilience, it can fundamentally alter the way that you live your life. Click on the "Free Papers" link at the top of any page to get your copy. More...


Visit the Resilience Center Website!

The Resilience Center grew out of a demand to develop and test high quality programs to build and strengthen resilience.

Learn about the Living a Resilient Life for Kids program.

Product Details Recommended Book:

Workplace Wellness
Performance with a Purpose: Achieving Health Dividends for Employers and Employees

by Rose Karlo Gantner, EdD (Mar 6, 2012)

"This is a book for our time. The issue of healthcare, who should pay for it, and how to achieve it lies at the heart of a national debate. Dr. Gantner's book takes healthcare out of the realm of medicine and places it in the much broader context of our national worklife--and then offers suggestions firmly based in data for ways in which we can cut healthcare costs not by reducing benefits, but by building healthier, happier employees." -- S. Wachter

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We vigorously protect against unauthorized versions and variations of the Resilience Scale and the RS-14 so that the instruments and therefore your results remain valid.

 By respecting our copyrights and helping us to defend them, your own research results will be protected. The terms Resilience Scale, RS, and RS-14 are internationally copyrighted trademarks.

Hypercharge your resilience research.

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The Resilience Scale User's Guide

The Resilience Scale User's Guide is an essential tool if you want to properly administer the Resilience Scale and accurately interpret your results.

You must also purchase licenses to use the Resilience Scale (RS). This is easy. We have license packs for organizations, researchers and professors, with a special price for students and residents of developing countries. The organizational and researcher packs come with 50 licenses each, and additional licenses are available for purchase, if you desire, at a reduced, "volume" rate. Students get unlimited licenses.

Click here to learn more about purchasing the Resilience Scale User's Guide™ and RS license packs.

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